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We never forget the fact that your signage whether for a retail shop, vehicle, promotional event, or commercial project can be the single most important advertising tool you have.  In many instances your signage is the brand, theme, style or image you give to the world – creating the correct one of each is critical. 

It might be many years, even decades, before you change your signage scheme again - you may have one chance to ensure you get the best looking most effective signage.  At Poppy Signs we can guarantee you achieve these goals by helping in the following ways:-

FREE design consultation – Shops and Vehicle Graphics

Our customers often tell us they face a catch-22 situation with signs; they aren’t designers and yet most sign companies will state ‘show us what you want before we can quote you’, ‘you need to provide us with finished artwork’, ‘place an order and then we will show you some designs’ etc.  

At Poppy Signs we are completely different - Whether you have a blank sheet, struggling even to decide on a shop/company name and logo, or you already have a general idea on your required sign and style, then our Designers will work with you to create your finished concept and artwork.   The process is designed to suit your required level of input and feedback although we will always guide you with our expertise and experience.

We are often asked how we can provide this service when other sign companies don’t?   The answer is simple - in virtually every instance the customer is so impressed with the resulting designs and prices that if they proceed to order signs at all then they will come to Poppy Signs.

This service is genuinely free of charge – please call us on 01257 241222 to discuss the process in more detail and to book an initial appointment.

Working to existing finished artwork

If you have finished artwork, corporate brand reproduction guidelines, specific colour references, or existing signage to match then we can guarantee that your new signs will be manufactured and installed to these exacting specifications.   Our complete design, print and manufacturing process is fully colour calibrated, and our manufacturing and installation teams work to the tightest tolerances.  We can accept artwork in virtually every file format.  

 Project Theming

For many projects the signs are simply a modular part of the overall theming, for example children’s play centres, theme parks or arenas.  We have the design experience and capacity to develop complete concepts, story board and of course to manufacture and install the finished solutions – everything from interior building / wall wraps, characters, to 3-D scenery and even animated effects.   Our specialist service was recently the front cover and centre page feature in the respected industry publication Sign Directions.  

Planning Consent – Design Considerations

Often the design process is linked directly with Planning.   If applicable (and required by the customer) then we will ensure that all designs we create should be looked upon favourably by Planning if consent were sought.   Many design factors must be taken into consideration including the size and positioning of the signage, the design content and text size, the use and type of any illumination, the overall style and construction materials used, the existing street scene, listed building status and much more!  Additionally to design considerations we are able to offer expert advice and guidance on all matters relating to advertising consent, including managing the whole process as your Planning Agent.

Bespoke Design Projects

We relish a challenge and offer a flexible design service to help you with non-standard requests.   Previous projects have included portable dance booths, exhibition hand carts, guitar wraps, helicopter graphics and much more.


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